Polar Band-it (TM)
Combination Neck-Up and Headband
Polar Band-it (TM) Cold Weather Protection

Article of clothing Pat.No.7,096,511


Convenient, Warm, Comfortable and Stylish

Rear Hook-and-Loop Design, so no more "hat hair" or "hair muss"

Great for Seasonal Outdoor Wear and Winter Sports!


The Polar Band-it (TM) provides maximum protection to the face, head, and neck areas, while it's unique rear attachment design virtually eliminates 'hair muss'. The 3-in-1 inclement garment was conceived to replace the standard "not so user-friendly" ski mask and other various cold weather type apparel.

The Polar Band-it(TM), with its portability, versatility, and stylish design is a true modern day breakthrough for those looking for a comfortable, warm, and attractive cold weather head garment. A must have for hikers, bikers, joggers, skiers, and winter sports professionals. Plus it's fashionable design makes it ideal for business people, and anyone looking to protect their face, neck, and head from inclement weather.

The Polar Band-it(TM)'s E-Z on and E-Z off rear attachment design, allows the wearer to put it on and take it off without worrying about 'hair muss'. Very light weight and portable, the Polar Band-it(TM) can be stored almost anywhere, such as pockets, purses, gym bags, glove compartments.

Manufactured of plush Fleece, the Polar Band-it(TM) provides the ultimate in both comfort and warmth. It's unique versatile design, allows user's the option of minimal or maximum amount of head, neck, and face coverage depending on individual preference and weather conditions. At last, a cold weather head garment that does it all!




Polar Band-it (TM) - combination cold weather face mask and neck up for all outdoors cold weather occassions such as jogging, hiking, biking, skiing, camping. Warm up from the neck up.